Normally after the divorce one of the parent gets the custody of the child while the other gets visitation rights. On the other hand co-parenting involves both the parents and requires a great deal of compromise.

This is a joint parenting effort because while both the parents are no longer married they put up a united front for the sake of their children. However this kind of parenting is not for those who have gone through a traumatic divorce. Rather it is suitable for people who divorced amiably.

However before taking this decision it is important for both individuals to have a detailed talk with their solicitors in Gold Coast.  According to family lawyers, co-parenting works best when both set of parents live close to one another, otherwise it might become difficult for the child to make a lengthy commute from one place to another on a regular basis. It can take a toll on their physical as well as emotional well- being. In case one set of parents lives far, it is advised to choose the more traditional visitation rights over co-parenting.

In case both parents decide to take on this not so traditional approach they must make sure to keep an open mind and be flexible about arrangements. Making compromise is the first step to achieving successful parenting goals. Keeping the needs of your child should be foremost in your mind. You need to make the situation comfortable for the children so that they don’t feel any sort of emotional turmoil.

Tips for co-parenting from solicitors in Gold Coast

The first thing which both the parents should do is to make a plan on how they would be raising their children. Discussions should be held regarding all of the following:

  • Discuss the visitation schedule. For example the children might stay at their dad’s place during weekends and the rest of the days with their mother. T could be vice versa a well
  • Their education. Both parents should agree upon the education plan which they choose for their child. Keeping harmony here is important because it will make it easier on the child as well.
  • The finances should be managed too. It should be pre-decided as to who will pay for what
  • Discussions regarding holidays or holiday seasons as to what plans would be made for the children
  • Last but not the least the parents should also have backup arrangements in case one of them might need to be somewhere else during the time the children are supposed to be with them. Its natural and something which should be attended to amiably without resentment.

The key to amiable co-parenting lies in the secret to being flexible. If your partner is late, don’t take it out on them in front of the kids. Instead learn to accept that everyone can make mistakes and take it in your stride. Doing so would make the whole process easier for just about everyone.

For more information on successful co-parenting, make sure you find the right solicitors in Gold Coast to give you advice.