Family lawyers are legal experts that have specialized in matters that concern the family as a whole. They are trained to handle complex issues that affect family members. Although a family shares the same blood, some disagreements may arise which need to be solved in court or with an attorney. A legal expert that can represent these family matters is a family lawyer. The legal issues that a family lawyer deals with are child custody, divorce, and guardianship. The lawyers usually act as mediators when disagreements arise among family members. In Hervey Bay, many family lawyers are ready to represent clients during challenging moments. Here are some of the things family law Hervey Bay lawyers can do for you:

 Handle divorce cases

The most draining moment that every family can undergo is a divorce. It’s a very traumatizing moment that leaves both parties in disagreement. Emotions are expected to come in, and it may not be easy to settle the matter calmly. In a case like that, the only person that can mediate the disagreement is a family lawyer or attorney. The lawyers assist the family members or couples in approaching the problem efficiently and within the law. The attorney ensures that justice is followed and the correct ruling made by all couples get satisfied with the decision without going to court.

Handle wills and estates

A will is an essential document written by people to show how they prefer to share their properties amongst the family members if they die. Death is a tragedy that comes unexpectedly, and people must prepare themselves to share their properties among their family members when they are alive to avoid disagreements in the future. Family lawyers are responsible for helping people draft the documents. The lawyers also have the right to ensure that an estate gets shared according to what the will says.

Handling child custody agreements

If couples separate, the most challenging thing that can come in between the couples is to decide who remains with the children. Disagreements might arise on who should take care of the children. However, couples need to agree on how they are doing to take care of the children as they are innocent. In such a case, a family lawyer is responsible for handling child custody, which both the couples must live as per the terms. A family lawyer will help such a couple draft a document to protect the children whenever they divorce. The lawyers can also allow them to amend the agreement, according to how they see it fit.

Handling prenuptial agreements

This is a contract agreement that is signed by both couples or one couple before they get into a union or marriage. The contract clearly shows the provisions of spousal support and how the property should get divided if breakup or divorce happens. A family attorney can help you draft such a document to show how the property should get divided or handled if such a case arises.

Representing people before the court

Even though the family law firms can help family members solve their issue outside the court, some of the problems or disagreements can only end up in court. In such a case, the attorneys can also represent the litigants in court until they get justice. The family lawyers have the experience and training to solve such issues with ease in court. They ensure they represent you in court until a favorable outcome gets reached.